One Off Cleaning

Essentially, we can clean more or less anything you like to the highest possible standard and in the minutest of detail. However, since cleaning every possible surface in a property is not always needed, we have developed some straightforward online cleaning templates. These are standard documents to be changed in anyway you wish. They define an initial guide to ensure we accurately capture your exact cleaning requirements (many estate agents use similar documents to ensure a consistent standard when instructing End of Tenancy Cleaning). We refer to our template for one-off cleaning as a Deep Cleaning Checklist, and this can be applied to part or the whole of any property.

How it works

If possible, we like to view the property in order to gain a more accurate assessment of the work involved. However, with an understanding of property size, specification and current state we can give a good estimate remotely – particularly useful for last minute cleans.

The quote we give you is based upon an hourly rate multiplied by the amount of time we estimate your job will take, plus £10 for cleaning equipment/materials. If the job takes less time than we think, you will only be charged for the time spent.

Many companies charge on a lump sum basis, building in a sufficient amount of contingency so as to avoid under estimating the time required to complete the job. More often than not this works heavily in the favour of the cleaning company (in the same way that pricing 'by property' for regular domestic cleaning substantially inflates the effective hourly rate). We therefore give you an accurate assessment of time required and charge on an hourly basis - we believe that this is a much more transparent way of pricing. In rare circumstances where we underestimate the time required to complete, we always seek your permission before incuring any further costs. Where a job is completed in less time than expected you will correspondingly be charged less.

How to arrange a one-off clean

1. Get in touch via your closest local office to arrange a visit or call us to discuss your requirements.

2. Agree cleaning schedule

3. Agree a price for the job

4. Agree day, date, time and access arrangements

5. Set up your online cleaning account

6. The agreed amount is then automatically charged upon completion, with an invoice/receipt sent via email

The Clean

Upon arrival, your Cleaning Supervisor will start the job via our app, onto which your cleaning checklist is pre-loaded. Once each item on the checklist has been completed and reviewed by the Cleaning Supervisor, your job will be marked as fulfilled. Payment of the balance is taken upon completion.